About Us

At Air Conditioning Newport Beach we strive to ensure that we leave your home or business with our clients being completely satisfied with the work we put in. No matter the type of air conditioning service you may need we will work diligently to solve the problem you are having. Our technicians are all licensed and insured to guarantee that you are in good hands.

Should you require the opinion of an expert, we will be happy to provide you with all the necessary answers. We recommend changing your air conditioning filters often in order to ensure the same air quality indoors, as well as the freshness of it. Moreover, by appealing to cost-efficient air conditioning measures, you will enjoy a humid-free living environment and sustain the environment. Anything you might want to add, change, repair or improve at your air system, whether it is the ventilation, cost efficiency measures, humidity or freshness, we are here to help you and provide you with the best solutions.

Since we truly care about our clients, we only agree to offer the best services in town. Air freshness and quality is an important indicator of one’s health system, so don’t be clogged on heavy or dusty filters. Change them regularly, and check your system’s ventilation at least twice a year – before using the air conditioning system with hot air on winter and before using it for cold air during hot summers. Our team of well-trained professionals will always be at your service to provide you with customized solutions and cost optimization.


Kevin Kinne

Couldn't have been happier with my selection! Best ac company around!

Kim Michel

They were so helpful and nice from the begining to the end, even with all of my questions.

Joe Warburton

Usually I do the work myself but this job was a little bigger than I'm used to so I called them up and they got the job done in no time.

Jasmine Karayen

If you are unsure about who the best company in Newport is, call these pros. They can help you out right away and without ripping you off.