Are you looking for a cheap, good yet durable air conditioning system for your home or work office?

You have come to the right place because we are looking to satisfy any potential need you might have. We too, for long, have struggled with the dream of living or working in a comfortable environment, allergy free, which could provide us the right amount of fresh air at the exact wanted temperature. We too longed for cool summers and warmer winters within facilities.

Are you tired of the summer heat, the dry air or spring allergies?

This is why we decided to create something professional, durable and affordable for our clients. With over a decade of business success, we managed to create a long list of respectful and selected clients, whom we thank for their support. Air Conditioning Newport Beach is here for you, to assist you in any way you need, provide you with professional products and business-oriented solutions whether you are trying to cool down your family or an entire company.

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Air Conditioning Newport Beach

We offer you everything you need to know in terms of air conditioning, whether we talk about installation, repairing, humidifier changing, allergy-free products, filters, and anything you could possibly think of. And, since we know how important the price when looking for air conditioning systems is, you should feel care free about your budget. We know how frustrating it is to start a job without knowing exactly how much it will be going to cost you, this is why you can make your plans with us. With our free of charge estimates you can rest assure that our prices are accurate and will include any detail you might need. Bear in mind that, as long as we stay in business, these Air Conditioning Newport Beach services will remain free of charge for our clients.

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  • Air Conditioning

    Air conditioning repair or install especially for those hot summer months.

  • Heating

    Keep nice and warm during those cold morning or winter days.

  • Air Duct Cleaning

    Ensure you only receive clean air that doesn't pick up harmful particles.

  • Licensed

    Rest assured that you are hiring a certified professional

  • Insured

    We make sure that nothing is uncovered, our employees or your belongings.

  • Bonded

    We guarantee that the service you receive will be certified.

  • Friendly

    We are always happy to assist you with anything you may need.

  • Affordable

    No ripoffs, free estimates, and no hidden fees.

  • Dedicated

    Hard work and professionalism is mandatory when it comes to the work we offer.


Kevin Kinne

Couldn't have been happier with my selection! Best ac company around!

Kim Michel

They were so helpful and nice from the begining to the end, even with all of my questions.

Joe Warburton

Usually I do the work myself but this job was a little bigger than I'm used to so I called them up and they got the job done in no time.

Jasmine Karayen

If you are unsure about who the best company in Newport is, call these pros. They can help you out right away and without ripping you off.